Compiler Vs Cross Compiler

14 Mar

hello every one , today i will try to make a simple difference between compiler and cross compiler

So what is the function of compiler ?

Compiler is  used to transform or translate the source code which is written with one of  programming languages ( source language )  to another computer language ( target language ) .
so compiler translate high level language to low level language ( Like assembly language or machine code ) , the inversion of this process which translate low level language to high level language is called decompiler .
compiled program must work on the same computer whose its CPU and Operating system are the same with the computer that makes the compilation process  for this program.
when a program can run on a different CPU and operating system ( platform )  from the computer that the program compiled on it this is called cross compiled program
so cross compiler is the program that makes executable programs that are able to run on other platform than the compiler is running .
So mobile applications ,iphone application,ARM,Power PC ,…etc applications need cross compiled programs to run on it.
Cross compilation is a hard work that needs experience and good practice , so soon in our lessons we are going to learn more about cross compiling with practices.

Hope this lesson will be helpful.

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  1. ahmeddwidar

    March 14, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    أحسنت يا باشمهندس


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